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Live Entertainment

Rock with Saliva

Get ready to rock your world with Saliva—the ultimate soundtrack to a night of unforgettable vibes! Feel the energy, embrace the beats, and let loose as Saliva delivers a high-octane performance that will have you on your feet and rocking the night away.

This isn’t just a concert; it’s a full-blown experience. Get ready to be transported as Saliva delivers an unparalleled performance that combines raw talent, high-octane beats, and a connection with the audience that turns the venue into an electrifying sanctuary of sound. Best of all, your night of rocking out isn’t just about the music – it’s about making a difference.

With each beat, you’ll be supporting the invaluable work of Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Join us for a night filled with head-banging, sing-alongs, and an all-around good time, all while contributing to a cause that truly matters. Let Saliva be your guide through a musical adventure, creating memories and vibes that will linger long after the last note. Get ready to rock your night and make it an experience to remember, all for the benefit of Arkansas Children’s Hospital!


Support our cause with a charitable donation today, and together, let’s surpass last year’s total for an even more impactful
contribution to a worthy cause!